About Guanaja

What and where is Guanaja?

Guanaja is located off the northern cost of Honduras.Guanaja is the second largestof the Bay Islands, this Island is boat access only, as there are no roads, there is no need for cars, this is likely what keeps it untouched and pristine. Bonacca is the name of the main cay in Guanaja, where most of the locals live and it is where you will find all you need such as: groceries store, hardware store, internet and cable company, banking, medical service and much more.

Most of the residents/locals on the Island speak English, which is great if you are not familiar with the Spanish language.The only way of transportation in Guanaja is by boat. There is one dirt road that joins the villages of Savannah Bight, Mitch and Mangrove Bight.

If you are looking for affordable sandy beaches, clear Caribbean water, tranquility and seclusion, then you will fall in love with Guanaja Island.

How to get to Guanaja?

Getting to Guanaja does require a bit more of an effort than the other two islands, but it’s quite easy and safe. There are several ways to get to Guanaja:you can fly into La Ceiba on the mainland, ( you won’t even have to leave the airport if you don’t want too) and take a 15 minute flight to the island of Guanaja or you can fly straight to Roatan and take a flight from Roatan to Guanaja, its approximately 20 minutes.

What to do in Guanaja?

Some of the activities that you can enjoy arekite surfing, hiking trails and exploring, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and much more can be enjoyed on this stunning island. Keep in mind that this island is still an unspoiled jewel in the Caribbean.

Popular Restaurants in Guanaja?

Mi Casa Too: this is a must when in Guanaja, the food is delicious, the “conch flitters” are out of this world. There are several stairs that you must climb, but it’s definitely worth it.

Graham’s Place or Graham’s Cay: Great place to simply hang out and relax while enjoying great food and drinks. This place has a very unique appeal, we will not spoil anything for you… so when you are in Guanaja and visit Grahams you will know what we are referring too.

Manati Bar& Restaurant: owned by a nice German couple, here you can find a few German wheat beers along with some tasty food.

There are several other restaurants/bars on Guanaja and Bonacca Cay.